Traumatized? Trauma-Check, Information and Tips for traumatized adolescents and parents of traumatized children

Every year, many children and adolescents experience stressful or traumatic events (e.g. accidents, natural desasters, violence, abuse, etc.). While most of them recover physically and mentally from the trauma, some children and adolescents develop longer-lasting mental health issues and/ or behavioral problems. The children and adolescents suffer e.g. from stressful memories and thoughts about the event, have nightmares, (suddenly) become very anxious, cannot concentrate or withdraw from family and friends.

KidTrauma helps adolescents and parents to find out:

  • what symptoms can be caused by traumatic events and how to cope with them (Information and Tips),
  • whether professional advice (e.g. psychotherapy) is recommended (Trauma-Check),
  • where mental health care specialists in the field of child and adolescent psychotraumatology can be sought nearby (Specialist Contacts).


Mental health issues and/or behavioral problems in children and adolescents can vary depending on their age and the time since the traumatic event(s) occurred. Please select the category to get to the right Trauma-Check and Information and Tips.


For adolescents (11-17 years)

up to 1 month after a traumatic event

more than 1 month after the traumatic event(s)


For parents


You can download the KidTrauma App here