It’s very common to be more anxious in the first month after a traumatic event. Trying to avoid situations, thoughts or persons that are reminders of the traumatic event is also very common.


Sleeping problems

  • In the immediate aftermath of a traumatic event, it’s common not wanting to be or sleep alone.
  • These anxieties will decrease over time.
  • Establish a bedtime ritual (reading, listen to an audio book or podcast, review the day, etc.).
  • Try to ensure that you have no excitement one hour before bedtime (video games, TV, etc.).
  • If you have trouble falling asleep, try to listen to an audio book, podcast or music.


Excessive worries

  • It’s very common to have more worries and concerns after experiencing a traumatic event. Take your time to find out what kind of worries you have.
  • Sometimes it’s difficult to say what’s upsetting you. Many find it helpful to write their feelings and worries down (e.g. in a journal).
  • Try to talk to your friends and family about worries and fears. Talking about it often feels liberating and thus helps.
  • Increase your feelings of safety by always carrying a lucky charm with you.


Avoiding speaking about the traumatic event

  • Often, it’s difficult to tell what’s upsetting.
  • Try to talk to your friends and family about worries and fears. Talking about it feels often liberating and thus helps.


Fear of things, people or places which remind you of the traumatic event

  • Fear of trauma-related reminders is very common after a traumatic event.
  • To avoid trauma-related reminders such as specific places or people is common. The longer you avoid such things, the longer this behavior will last.
  • It’s normal to be scared by bad memories. Often, these memories and worries will go away over the next weeks.
  • Remembering something doesn’t mean experiencing it again. Memories are always about something in the past.
  • Try to face fearful situations with courage. Reward yourself if you succeeded by e.g. going to the movies, meeting with friends, etc.