What to expect

Your child recently experienced a traumatic event or has prolonged or repeatedly been exposed to traumatic events in the past?

In the first month after a traumatic event, it’s very common for children and adolescents to have bad memories and to avoid things that remind them of the events (e.g. places, people, etc.). Children and adolescents can also become anxious, nervous, or have problems concentrating.

Children and adolescents who experienced a severe trauma or were prolonged or repeatedly exposed to traumatic events in the past can develop long-lasting mental health issues and/or behavioral problems. Over time, such experiences can adversely affect the development of a child and adolescent.

KidTrauma allows you to find out if professional advice (e.g. psychotherapy) is recommended and provides the opportunity to learn about mental health issues and/or behavioral problems children and adolescents potentially experience after traumatic events as well tips on how you can support your child.

Mental health issues and/or behavioral symptoms can vary depending on age and the time since the traumatic event(s) occurred. Please select the appropriate category to get to the right Trauma-Check and Information and Tips.